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June 25, 2010



I suspect plotting is not as good for my writing as I’d like it to be.

I’m working on The Molting – I may change this to The Revolting Story just because – and I’ve realised that the one thing that’s utterly absent from my Hurricane Forever draft is what people are thinking.

I have what they say, what they do. I don’t have the whys, and I don’t have the ‘how they get theres.’


It worries me. Oh I’ve always had scenes that were just dialogue and nothing else.

But I’m pretty sure that the Hurricane Forever draft is nearly 50k of dialogue and nothing else.


Nadia was telling me about book journals the other day.

The idea is that you write a few lines about what you’re working on each day. Ideas you have for the next few scenes. Key things that you are currently working on in  the novel. Stuff like that .

I wasn’t going to do one for The Molting. I planned to trial this with my next novel – not being keen to try this again so soon after the recent failure of January-in-February with journaling. But I felt the urge, and so, why not? If I don’t keep up, that’s okay too. It’s more important that I keep up with my story, after all.

If the only time I journal is today, well, at least I discovered that The Molting is sooperman’s story more than it is sooperwoman’s.

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