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June 23, 2010



I have had enough local anesthesia and painkillers today to fell an elephant. Well, at least a baby elephant – I am a smaller than average human being.

I also now have to have gum surgery sometime in the near future, after which I will be able to say that I’ve had every kind of non-immediately-life-threatening (maybe non-life-threatening too) problem requiring some kind of dental treatment.



My mama soothed my pains with 2 new pairs of shoes.

Life is better.


I have decided to rename The Molting to Molting the Revolting* in honor of a certain animal in it.

I am blaming my lack of progress today to the painkillers and anesthesia – see above – but the truth is I am suffering second-day jitters. This is after the initial euphoria of ‘OMG, something new!!!!’and just before ‘OMG, I’m in over my head!!!!’

*I’m kidding, but it does have a certain ring, don’t you think?

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