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June 22, 2010



Kaz’s Summer Camp Week #3:

I finished my draft zero of Hurricane Forever – not the real title FYI – yesterday.

It is an awful draft. I’m so desperate to fix it that I sent it to two kind souls – Maili and Liz – who can store a copy so I can temporarily delete it off my hard drive. If they decide to peek, it’ll probably make their eyes bleed.

Hmm… Not sure if it’s a good idea to let people have blackmail material. But it is done.

Today, I started the short story, The Molting, that I was planning to write next month. I’m now hoping to finish it by 2nd of July, as there’ll be wedding madness (thankfully not mine) from 3rd-11th of June, entailing flights and gowns and stuff.



“You are very difficult, you know.”

“Coming from you? Who hired me to manage you so other people would find you easier to deal with?” 

His mouth dropped open. “What did you just say?”


I already had a draft of the first section – so I’m now just revising what I had as I go along. That’s about 1300 words of revisions, and I’m about ready to take the leap into new material.

I only have new material because I had an epiphany this morning. But I’m pretty sure it can carry me through to the end in one draft, so that’s okay.


I talked to Elise Matthesen, who has kindly given me permission to use some of her beautiful work in The Molting.

I had an epiphany about it. It entails tossing out all the worldbuilding I did for it, but that’s okay.

I suspect it’s not quite fantasy any more though. Or SF, which might be an issue as I was going to use to ‘audition’ OWW.

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