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June 21, 2010



So, I have a draft of Hurricane Forever.


It doesn’t actually feel like an accomplishment.

Right now, all I wanna do is revise it.

And yes, I did finish it less than 24 hours ago. Actually, maybe less than 12 even.


I’m actually itching so badly to revise it that I’ve actually had to send a copy to two wonderful, wonderful friends (@LizUK and @McVane) so I can delete it off my hard drive for the time being.


The thing is, it feels like it’s just the first step. I suppose it IS just the first step. I mean, it’s going to need at least two rounds of revisions before anybody gets to read it.

Or before anybody SHOULD read it. If I send it out before that, I’d be an idiot to let anybody, and I do mean anybody, see what a terrible writer I am.

Now, if only it didn’t give me this Insane urge to revise. NOW.

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