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April 05, 2010



Nadia says that I shouldn’t blog about the books I’ve read, or not read, as the case maybe.

My DNF rate last month is over 20%, probably closer to 30% – out of 15-20 books read. So basically, I was really mean in January.

Or maybe the books I thought would be good to read were really really bad.


The problem is probably not the books.

The problem is probably me.

I need to stop looking at novels like they are vitamins.

Good for me, take 1 a day.


I just have very little patience for fiction lately.

I read because I crave mental stimulation. The best to drive me insane is probably to lock me up in a room with nothing to do.

But most novels don’t seem to do that any more. Short stories are like popcorn, light, fluffy and not substantial at all.

I want that substance. Not in terms of size or heft, but something for the various bits and pieces of my brain to chew on.


I signed up to be a guest reviewer for Book Chick City anyway. Why not, right?

Plus, I like to talk about books. That’s why I used to review books online and read reviewer blogs and stuff like that.

Maybe if I talked more about what I was reading, it would kick-start me out of this slump. Though, at this point, it feels like it’d require nuclear fission to do that.

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