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April 03, 2010


This post is brought to you by ScribeFire for Firefox. As opposed to Windows Live Writer.

I do miss the many keyboard shortcuts that WLW had though. Like Ctrl+Shift+C to open up categories, and the ability to have it remember links, so when I mention Nadia, for instance, it'll link to her website automatically.

Especially since most of them don't work.


In my attempts to procrastinate all things synopsis/studying, I have switched my choice of browsers from Chrome to Firefox and have decided to delete Opera completely from my laptop's consciousness.

This is followed by me jazzing it up, with Echofon -- I really want something that has Reply All and immediate shortening of URL and ability to change views with a keyboard shortcut -- and Scribefire, to be followed by something for an RSS Aggregator and something I can use for Gmail when I can't connect with Outlook.


I'm also currently contemplating putting an end to my attempts to finish my synopsis as it is clearly going nowhere.

But I think I'm going to see whether I can dig up one of those list things for the Three Act Structure, which asks you stuff like inciting event, climax, etc.

This I'll input into Excel, with each of those items on the left column, and Acts I, II and III across. Because in every Act, those items ought to link up somehow.

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