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July 23, 2010



I am recovering from a monstrous bout of flu.

The kind that you think you’re on the mend from, and then you go up two flights of stairs and feel like you are DYING.

I couldn’t even move a light wooden stool up from the ground floor to my bedroom – which is on the first floor.


The Molting is revolting.

And if it’s not crying revolution, I am.


I didn’t even manage to stitch on Wednesday. I slept for 24 hours straight, waking only to eat and take my pills – I’d probably have skipped eating except that I was supposed to eat something before I took the meds.


Today, I am doing stash inventory.

What scares me is that what’s in my inventory? Doesn’t even include stuff that’s ‘kitted up’ (by that, I mean I have everything I need to start and finish the project) or what’s still on the slow boat from the UK.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve already achieved SABLE here.

Perhaps if it’s not raining tomorrow, and I have discovered in my possession an object called a Camera, I shall have provide evidence.

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