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June 02, 2010


I'm doing Summer Camp with Karen Mahoney.

My goals are:
At some point, I need to start my Sooper Sekrit Projekt with Nadia Lee. We are sacrificing blood, sweat and time, in order to achieve World Domination. Stay tuned.

Finish Hurricane Forever. About another 20-30k.

Ignore Hurricane Forever.
Pretty sure this will be the most difficult one, but this is the most important goal for July. If I don't complete the others, I guess I'll have had my first real writing vacation in I-don't-know-when.
Write a short story, maybe 10k.
Fiddle with my would-be magnum opus.

Write a synopsis for something. I don't care what, so long it's not Hurricane Forever or my would-be magnum opus. I just want to have something for my underbrain to chew over whilst I revise Hurricane Forever.
You can sign up until June 8th.


I'm at 31k, or so.

A little stuck, but we'll get there.

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