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May 07, 2010



Karen Knows Best:
I know that authors should really write what they love, but what if what they love doesn’t sell? It’s ok if money isn’t an issue for said author, but what if, as in Sharon’s case, it is? Should she really be expected to stick to her principles, and keep churning out inter-racial romances, that have a limited audience in the market place?
I don't have much patience for this kind of talk.

The way I see it, you can starve, or you can get a job that will feed you.

It is that simple.


All that crap about principles? Is just crap.

If you're that hungry, you'll do anything to be fed.

I don't know about you, but I'd say that writing the type of book that will sell and sell well is better than having to find a non-writing job for most writers*.

It is a risk. The new book in that hot new genre might not sell. Frankly, I would judge the probability that it will not be as good as the author's previous work to be quite high too. Talent and craft is no substitute for heart**.


Shiloh Walker later said in the comments that it's not about principles, it's about business.

I agree, and it makes me want to shoot people when they say stuff like they wish they could be paid to sit at home all day and write. Who's going to pay them, I don't know.


I've taken flack before because I don't have the kind of background that will make me understand.

For goodness sake! You're studying economics!

I'll never forget seeing that 'screamed' across a chat room a few years back.

But that was a conscious decision I made. I don't want to be one of those writers who, ten-fifteen years down the road, have no money and need to raise funds for medical treatment.

I read a very select few author blogs. Do you know how many cries for help I have read about in the past few years? Enough to be sure that I never ever want to be at the mercy of strangers.


What bugs me the most is how some writers seem to take pride in the fact that they are living in a little hovel, starving for their art.

Somehow, it seems to make them think that they are 'truer' to their art, because they are sacrificing.

And I suppose they are.

But the idea that you're going to write better because you living hand-to-mouth in an awful little apartment...

*opens the window and screams*

* I make this point because I would personally rather find a non-writing job.

** My favorite example of this is Tina St. John, whose historicals are far better than the vampire novels she has published as Lara Adrian.

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