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February 20, 2010


Little plot arcs! Everywhere!

I can feel the climax building and building and building. I can actually see where I am going.


I’m into the third chapter now. :)

And tomorrow, I will most probably hit the 5k mark – which would mean that I’ve been writing, on average, double the 250 minimum I hope to meet each day.


Today was the first 1k day of this draft of TLOL. That’s always a nice milestone to meet.

The Twitter people who told me I was crazy for trying to cram 20 years worth of plot into 80-90k? They are still probably right, but I shall try anyway.


1-2-3 is going surprisingly well. It’s so much a part of my schedule now that I was planning to do them tonight too.

I might do that. The thing is, I can’t tell if the heebie-jeebies started because I started 1-2-3. So maybe they aren’t so good for me.

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