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February 16, 2010


I may have done something really silly today. But it will make me read more fiction and right now, that’s a really good thing.

And god, please don’t let me accidentally send an email from the wrong account.


Night 1-2-3 pages are definitely better for me. Infinitely better.

I still don’t make the full half an hour, but I think I could get there someday.


I settled for the solution I already had. I figure that since I didn’t yet have another solution, if there was one, it still needed to cook and I might as well ‘practise’ some more.

I think it’ll work out though. My sooperwoman wears her new sooperpower more comfortably than the previous, fuzzy one.

I’m keeping to a one page a day or so minimum too. Some days are easier than others, but none of them painful.


I like that. I think from now on, I shall call my female protagonists sooperwomen and male ones soopermen. It sounds much better than the heroines and heroes of romance, and not nearly as clunky as XX/XY protagonist.

Main character is more inclusive, but it doesn’t really touch on the fact that most – okay, all – my work so far tends to revolve around a love story.

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