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January 08, 2010



When I arrived in Manchester yesterday, it was white everywhere.

The city never looked so clean.

Or so cold.


Snow to slush. Ick. Now Manchester is back to the dirty city I’ve lived in for more than two years now.

I decided that I needed better shoes for the snow after I fell twice on the way into town.

Originally, I wanted wellies. I mean, I live in the UK. I ought to have a pair. Besides, my fake uggs got wet and really manky and after I slipped twice, I decided I needed shoes with better grip. But all my shoes are pretty and adorable and heeled and not so much on practicality. Because I’m vain like that.

Instead, I got another pair of black boots. They look a bit like combat boots, but not quite. I’ve been eyeing boots like that for ages and ages and ages now.

So now I own five pairs of black boots. I think they cover every kind possible because I have them in suede, regular leather and patent leather. I have them in ankle-height, calf-height and knee-high. I have them in lace up and zip up. I have kitten heels, thin near-stilettos, chunky and nearly flats. I also have comfy, sooper comfy and OMG-they-are-killing-me.

I may have to stop buying a new pair every year now.

…I cannot believe I just said that.


Since I'm a writer, I cannot possibly have a post titled 'Slush' without bringing up the dreaded Slush Pile.

I've never been in the slush pile because I've never submitted anything.

I hope that changes soon.

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